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Nybi.cc Lean Canvas

Based on Lean Canvas, which is a way to describe business model.


List members top 1-3 problems

  • Don't know how to conceive my idea
  • Can't prototype my idea
  • Do not have tools or knowledges (or partial, e.g. programming but no electronics)
  • I do not understand existing tutorial written in English
  • I need excitement and inspiration


Outline a possible solution for each problem

  • Provide place and time to meet other makers
  • Tools
  • Workshops

Unique Value Proposition

Single, clear, compelling message that turs an unaware visitor into an interested prospect

Come learn from others makers' mistakes or be inspired

Unfair Advantage

Something that can't be easily copied or bought

  • Advanced makers from Nancy area are our members.

Customer Segments

List your target customers and users

  • Advanced makers
  • students from local engineering and art schools
  • people wanting a service for printing/building/...

Existing alternatives

List how these problems are solved today

  • GSI-Lab
  • online-tutorials
  • buy personal tools

Key Metrics

List the key numbers that tell you how your business is doing

  • #workshops / #memberships
  • #projects_realised / #projects_idealised

High-Level concept

List your X for Y analogy (e.g. YouTube = Flickr for videos)

  • Soirée meetic du maker


List your path to customers

  • Research Labs
  • Students
  • Radio

Early adopters

List the characteristics of your ideal customers

  • One of
    • has a project idea
    • want to learn how to make
    • has experience in making

Cost structure

List your fixed and variable costs

  • local
  • electricity
  • water

revenue streams

List your sources of revenue

  • individual memberships: 120€ per capita per year (full), 60€ (reduced revenues)
  • society memberships: starting from 200€ (none last year)
  • contracts Fête de la science or dedicated animations (from 500€ up to 1700€)