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Schedule to know

The room is open to public every Wednesday evening from 20h to 21h.

What are you doing? tools...

We hope to provide a great Hackerspace/FabLab/MediaLab

By now, our top priority is to furnished and enhance the room, especially available tools. But members have already somes machines as RepRap, electronics, etc...

Contact us

  • discussions@listes.nybi.cc, to subscribe see "listes de diffusion" dans le menu sur la gauche
  • irc://irc.freenode.net/#nybi
  • at our place au local every Wednesday evening from 20h to 21h.

Where is Nybi.cc?


(See on google map) (See on OpenStreetMap)

How to come?

by bus

Lines 131, 132, 133; ou 136, 137 (see réseau-stan)

Stop at: Alsace

by walk

Once in the street, it look like this: http://youtu.be/Ek3GAH9_ezM

Member fees

The individual fee is 120€ per (scholar) year at full, 60€ for all people with small revenues (students, unemployed, and similar).

Moral Person

The fee is between freely chosen between 200€ and 4000€. All individuals linked to the moral person will benefit a reduction of 5% (non cumulative).

How to pay

Fee can be dued by check emits at NYBICC (send by mail at address given below) or by transfer (RIB : NYBI.CC ; bank code: 14707 ; code guichet: 00020 ; bank account: 30821452312 ; key: 68).


Les dons peuvent êtres fait en espèce ou nature (matériel/mobilier/...) selon ce dont on a besoin (voir notre Wishlist)

N'hésitez pas à nous contacter :)

Comment l'asso s'est créée ?

Petite historique sympa pour plus tard

Les images d'une présentation à Toulouse pourront peut-être faire un bon début.

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